Case Study: Nemko

Case Study

Automating Quotes and Emails.


Nemko tests and certifies electronics equipment to be sold in nations globally.

Nancy Tran

Director of Sales, Nemko USA

"Docmo has really increased efficiency for my staff. We can handle more than double the workload with the time and resources it saves. We love it!"

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Why does Nemko need Docmo?
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What does it look like?
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How does it work?

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The Process: Before Docmo
  1. Select appropriate model numbers, etc.
  2. Find related customer and product info in database.
  3. Find an old quote with similar scope.
  4. Edit the old quote.
  5. Save As.
  6. Compose an email.
  7. Include To: addresses.
  8. Attach files and send.
The Process: With Docmo
  1. Select appropriate model numbers, etc.
  2. Click Generate and Send.
Capital Efficiency

$2,200+ per month

(24 hours saved) x ($100/hr payroll) - ($200 subscription) = $2,200

Return on Investment


($2,200 saved) / ($200 subscription) = 1,100%

Additionally, our Professional Services team built the following custom features:
  1. Dynamic questionnaire
  2. Integration with CRM and Product databases.

Can Docmo free YOU from busywork?