report automation

Instantly build
custom reports.

Data-Driven Reports • Engineering Reports • Progress Reports • Weekly Reports

What Is Docmo
A new approach to automating
data-driven reports.

Dynamically assemble
customized business reports.

No app required.
No login required.
Future-proof flexibility.

Your data + reactive intelligence = dynamic report perfection

  1. Dynamic charts and tables.
  2. Repeat sections with dynamic fields.
  3. Real-time calculations and estimates.
  1. Multi-file and batch production.
  2. Auto-select necessary template(s).
  3. Dynamically name files and folders.
Case Studies
Example Use Cases
Word Reports

User Actions:

1) Open your Docmo Excel file.
2) Update your data export from external app.
3) Select customer, and enter details not included in the export.
4) Click 'Build Report.'


1) Your Report template (a Word file) is customized using exported data and user selections.
2) One section per scope item is added.
3) Completed proposal is saved as .pdf into the customer's folder on your internal network.

Advanced Reports
~Docmo as a Web Service~

User Actions:

1) Log in to Salesforce.
2) Select a project.
3) Click 'Produce Required Reports with Docmo.'


1) Docmo knows that 3 reports are due based on Salesforce project data.
2) Report templates are populated with values directly from Salesforce.
3) Additional charts, tables, and calculations are compiled inside the Docmo workbook using Salesforce data. Populated into report templates.
4) User and manager are emailed the finished reports.

Contract Packages

User Actions:

1) Open your Excel file for the project.
2) Click 'Refresh data from Sage.'
3) Enter project details (information not in Sage).
4) Click 'Build Contract Packages for all Subs.'


1) Docmo chooses which contract templates and which forms (insurance, bonds, government, etc.) are required for each Sub.
2) All necessary documents and forms are customized.
3) All customized documents are organized into a folder dedicated to that Sub.

Legal Letters
~Batch Production~

User Actions:

1) Open your Docmo Excel file.
2) Click 'Refresh Account Info from Internal Database.'
3) Click 'Produce Audit Letters.'


1) For each Account, Docmo knows which template is appropriate (based on account type and details).
2) Account details are populated.
3) Transactions are populated as a table.
4) Audit report is saved as both .docx and .pdf with Account ID in the filename.

Who Uses
Who Uses Docmo?
Customers include...
Our typical customer...

Reduces related manual effort by 85%.


Enjoys positive ROI within 3 months.

12 months
4 quarter
365 days
Fit In
Designed to fit in with any ecosystem,
Docmo is available as...
A Microsoft Office Add-in

Best for:

● Most customers
● Getting real automation in less than 1 hour*
● Easy design iteration
● HIPAA compliance

A Web Service

Best for:

● Invisible integration with cloud apps
● Always-on & available-anywhere

*Yes, getting ROI with Docmo is that easy. Our protocol really is that revolutionary.
Don't believe us? Request a product demonstration and we'll automate your templates on. the. spot.

How does it work
Imagine starting at 90% complete.

(Without Docmo.)

(With Docmo.)


busywork, missing deadlines

data re-entry between systems

content imperfections


Docmo knows...

which templates and forms to use

what to name files and folders

when to repeat or remove sections

which verbiage and calculations to include

How does it work?

Your data is routed into an Excel workbook (typically via background connection or by direct user entry).


Formulas and cell references instruct Docmo's Actions when to do what.