Produce better reports with less effort.
Stop wasting time with manual customizations and double data entry.

for Windows operating systems.

tandem testimonial
tandem testimonial

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HIPAA Compliant. No fees.

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benefits by business size

Populate calculations, charts, lists, tables, and images from Excel or any other app.

Prepare custom templates instantly.
Connect to any app.
Reactive workflows. Conditionally exclude sections.
Create + name files and folders.
Add input forms and questionnaires.
Professional customizations, configuration.
Compose emails with attachments.
Lightweight. Start small and scale naturally.
Noninvasive. No migration.
benefits by business size
For Small and Midsize Businesses

Turn hours of work into minutes. No more double-entry. Pull data from any app.


Reports produced with Docmo are professional, complete, and correct.

Reactive Workflows

Choose which templates, calculations, and verbiage are necessary.

For Enterprise Businesses
User Adoption

Starting with Docmo is easy. It lives behind your existing processes and behind Microsoft Office products.

Governance and Control

Ensure current templates, calculations, and data are used.

Easily revise previously prepared reports.


HIPAA compliant. Your data never leaves your servers.

Metrics and Tracking

Log reports generated, revisions, user volume, etc.

how it works
A typical workflow...

Refresh current data.

Calculations, lists, charts, etc. will be instantly updated, too.


Make a few selections or entries.

Include or exclude scope items. Enter details like project name.


Press "Generate Reports."

The right template is chosen, and the right content is populated (or removed).

A typical configuration...

Identify template files.

Or start with an already prepared report.


Locate pertinent data from other apps.

Names, numbers, charts, etc.


Point data into the template.

"Chart goes here... name goes here..."


(Optional) Build conditional workflow logic.

Excel formulas dictate which calculations, templates, etc. to use.

tandem testimonial
Docmo is trusted by...
Nancy Tran

Director of Sales

Nemko USA in San Diego, CA.

"Docmo has really increased how quickly we can get quotes out. And on top of that, we know they're correct. We love it."

Jeff Smith

Business Dev. Manager

Tarsco (of TF Warren) in Houston, TX