Template Automation

Ensure quality, and avoid busywork with
Template Automation.
Integrated governance means produced content is always current and correct.
Automation that handles exceptions means your team can focus on high-value work.

for Windows operating systems.

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benefits by business size
Prepare custom templates instantly.
Create + name
files and folders.
Populate: images, tables, charts, etc.
Reactive workflows (IF, VLOOKUP, etc.)
Add inputs, questionnaires, calculations.
Compose emails with attachments.
Why Starting is Easy
Single sign-on
(no logins).
Connect to
any app.
Professional customizations, configuration.
Noninvasive. No migration.
Start small and
scale naturally.
Secure, HIPAA compliant.
benefits by business size
For Small and Midsize Business

Get click-and-done proposals, quotes, or reports in a couple days and $1,200.


Turn hours of work into minutes. No more double-entry. Pull content from any app.


Documents produced with Docmo are professional, complete, current, and correct.

Automate Decisions

Relevant content, templates, calculations, and verbiage are automatically chosen.

For Enterprise Business
User Adoption

Docmo lives behind Excel and automates Word, Outlook, etc. So, users don't need to learn a new system.

Governance and Control

Ensure current templates, legal verbiage, and data are used.

Easily revise previously prepared documents.


HIPAA compliant. Your data never leaves your servers.

Metrics and Tracking

Log templates generated, revisions, user volume, etc.

how it works
A typical user experience...

Sync data from any app.


Make inputs and selections.


Press "Generate."

Using synced data and user selections, relevant templates and content are populated.

How getting setup works...

If you purchase a Setup Package, we do this part for you.


Identify template files (or use an already prepared file).


Locate necessary content in other apps.


Define where content goes in each template.


Define conditions for recurring decisions and exceptions.

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Docmo is trusted by...
Nancy Tran

Director of Sales

Nemko USA in San Diego, CA.

"Docmo has really increased how quickly we can get quotes out. And on top of that, we know they're correct. We love it."

Jeff Smith

Business Dev. Manager

Tarsco (of TF Warren) in Houston, TX

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