Case studies

Advanced database reporting.
Electronics test management and report production.
University of California
Visual inventory management, local database.
Database: store & sale management.
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Dozens of hours per report were required for Shell's PhD Geochemists in Houston, TX to compile regulatory reports. Effective automation was assumed to be impossible because some contextual geochemistry knowledge is required.

A custom Excel add-in accepts Sample IDs from the geochemist and performs several queries to merge data from internal databases into Excel. Conditional logic prepares the data. Docmo spits out a perfect report - requiring no geochemist finalization - in seconds.

on-prem database integration • no-code business logic • custom add-in • over-the-air updates • intelligent report automation


Electronics safety approvals can require more than 100 engineering tests. Dell's Massachusetts team must avoid inaccuracies and disorder in compiling these 80+ page reports.

A hierarchical test registration and result storage system solved the disorder. An intelligent report-automation system solved the inaccuracies.

worksheet design • 9 data import formats • 3 fully dynamic templates • video training materials

Still in use today.
University of California

High-frequency inventory transactions (check-in and shipping) at this UC San Diego lab was poorly accommodated by the university-provided LIMS.

An accurate visual representation of freezers and trays with drag-and-drop movement, and batch transaction management solved the problem.

inventory visualization • barcode scanner • bulk entry and edit • 11 dialogue forms • 6 worksheets • 1 network database • permissions restriction • inventory reporting

2013 - 2014
Extended in 2016.
Still in use today.

Stores needed an easy system for recording and rewarding sales. The executive team wanted performance insights. Disparate Excel spreadsheets weren't cutting it at scale.

Consulting with key users guaranteed happy adoption. They login to the Excel file and see all reports relevant to their role. A high capacity, encrypted, and dedicated database hosts data between stores.

process consulting • hosted database • permissions restriction • 16 reports • web & mobile leaderboards • 19 dialogue forms & sidepanels

Extending in 2022.