Professional Services

Custom software for
working intelligently.
Custom software that makes work

Excel solutions for finance and engineering.

What Is Docmo
Why build software?
+ Control.
+ Design.

Owning is better than renting.

Full control over data and process.

Systems designed for your requirements.

What Is Docmo
Why Excel?
+ Control
+ Design
= Perfection

The world's most flexible business tool lacks what we add: control and design.

Plus, your intelligent workers already use Excel. No migrations. No learning curves.

What Is Docmo
Why on-prem?

Data never leaves your secure environment.

No browser tabs, downloads, or logins.

No server delay.

What Is Docmo
Why Docmo?

We've built millions of dollars' worth of creative and sustainable solutions. We've seen a lot.

We're a boutique software consultancy in Houston, Texas with all U.S.-based consultants and engineers.

Our products service billions of dollars every quarter.

Our projects typically range from $5k to $500k. Less than 3% of our projects go over-budget.

Who Uses
Docmo is trusted by many
Sarah Zufelt



Route 66

"Having worked with Lee and the Docmo team for several years, I can easily say that their knowledge and abilities with Excel and process improvement are outmatched by no one. Our day-to-day operations have been simplified by everything that Docmo has provided us.

The support we have received is expeditious and fun. I truly enjoy working with the Docmo team. I can't thank them enough for all they do. I whole-heartedly recommend Docmo. I consider Lee more than a vendor. He is a partner in our success and a friend."
What Is Docmo
We build these things.

data summary & automation

ERP & operations systems

information management

two-way integrations

cost estimators

order management

dynamic input forms

cloud connectivity & hosting

password-less user authentication

user & permissions management

analysis & reporting

financial & technical modeling

Great fit
Call us if you're...

building new systems.

changing processes.


mired in busywork.

struggling with quality.

lost in a sea of Excel workbooks and are too deep in to float the current process now but know it's unsustainable and are hoping there's a team of experts who might be able to rescue you without sinking all the work you've done so far.