Docmo for Enterprise

Docmo for Enterprise
Docmo for Enterprise
How does Docmo fit into Enterprise environments?

Docmo is (just) a customized Excel workbook: no onerous migrations or installation approvals to navigate. At its core, Docmo is a protocol which moves information via Excel. Our code lives behind Excel and is HIPAA compliant. You control your flow of data. (Typically, data flows from your databases/apps, into Excel, and into your documents and reports - never leaving your environment.)

We started as a software consultancy. Docmo (the subscription product) is borne out of repeatedly developing the same features for a multitude of clients across industries.

This history undergirds our approach to: enabling sophisticated automation to be easily built, and rebuilt, for any document or report. Our proprietary Tag Action protocol is the most capable codeless template automation protocol publicly available. Tags identify locations in templates; actions define what to do with each Tag (ex. fill with text or an image).

This history also characterizes our approach to partnerships. Our Professional Services team is as involved as needed. Your teams can independently configure sophisticated automation using our Tag Action protocol. If more advanced configurations or troubleshooting is needed, we are immediately available to guide you through via screenshare, phone, and email.

Or, we can handle all configuration and customization from the start: and deliver a click-and-done solution. We've been consulting and developing custom products since 2011.

Enterprise Package

For enterprise customers, an alternative subscription package is available. The enterprise package, for $2,000/mo, includes 10 dedicated hours from our elevated Professional Services team, and permits the production of up to 1000 documents per month. See standard pricing for comparison.

Dedicated hours are used however you need them: on-demand support, scheduled design meetings, to develop customizations and integrations, etc.

Our elevated Professional Services team is dedicated and available to ensure your team has what it needs to stay operating at full capacity, no matter what evolutions your business undergoes. Dedicated hours are deployed as: on-demand support, scheduled design meetings, developing customizations and integrations, developing documentation for your customizations, etc.

What does getting started look like?

Installation takes a few minutes. No logins (single sign-on). Unlimited users. Unlimited templates. Basic automation can be achieved in minutes.

Start by signing up below. Then, schedule an introductory screenshare where we'll send you the files and walk through installation and configuration together.

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HIPAA Compliant. No fees.

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