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Basic Monthly


Unlimited users, single sign-on.

$0.67 per document.*

Basic Yearly


Unlimited users, single sign-on.

$0.61 per document.*

*Up to 300 generated documents per month.
Bulk pricing available.

Enterprise Monthly


Unlimited users, single sign-on.

Up to 1000 documents per month ($0.50 per document).

Includes 8 hours of elevated Professional Services dedicated to customizations, configuration, support, or design guidance.

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Setup Packages

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Level 0


Self Service

Our engineers will get you started with a screenshare.

Best For:

Do-it-yourself'ers, simple solutions and documents, those who love Excel, the budget-conscious.

Level 1


Full Service

Get beautiful automation in ~48hrs.
Our engineers build a custom configuration catered to your templates and process.

Best For:

Fast results, high quality and flexible automation,
one or two templates.

Level 2

$2,000 - $50,000


Our engineers build process-revolutionizing features for your unique business requirements.

Best For:

Sophisticated templates, seamless integrations, beautiful input forms, extra features, etc.