Mail Merge

Mail Merge
Docmo: Mail Merge's big brother.

Populate tables, charts, lists, images, and formatted text.
Dynamically named files and folders.
Emails composed with attachments.
Batch production. Save as pdf.
Professional configuration.

Which is right for me?
Choose Mail Merge for...

Short-term, very simple, small, and temporary solutions.

Self setup.

Choose Docmo for...

Permanent solutions sustaining a business process.

Self setup.

Professional setup.

Who uses Docmo?

Businesses who produce...

Technical Documents

Engineering reports
Financial reports
Construction contracts
Laboratory contracts

Transactional Documents

Loan agreements
Insurance contracts
Human Resources packages
Legal packages

Why use Docmo?

● To produce perfect documents faster.
● For confidence that your documents are correct and complete.
● For peace of mind that your time is well-spent.

Mail Merge


Populate text.

Batch production.

Dynamic Save As file name.

Save as PDF.

Create new folders.

Populate images, tables, charts, lists.

Format text.

Compose emails with attachments.

Add logic and workflows.

Use multiple sources of content.

Live support.

Professional configuration and development available.

tandem testimonial
Docmo is trusted by...
Nancy Tran

Director of Sales

Nemko USA in San Diego, CA.

"Docmo has really increased how quickly we can get quotes out. And on top of that, we know they're correct. We love it."

Jeff Smith

Business Dev. Manager

Tarsco (of TF Warren) in Houston, TX